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Stephen Julio Kim L.

Executive Leader


Stephen Julio is a Senior Leader at SKHA Consulting. Stephen joined SKHA Consulting in 2017.  He has been consulting and advising several projects and multi-industries.

Stephen focuses on corporate and business strategy development in several industries.

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Bandung Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science, Geological Engineering, Graduated with Distinction and Honors


  • Property
  • Manufacture
  • Financial Service


  • Market Research
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • Masterplan Development
  • Led a development of an Indonesia’s Housing Ecosystem and Financing Grand Design in Indonesia for a SOE’s Bank
  • Led a Business Plan design for a SOE’s Airlines to focus on competing in the domestic passenger market
  • Led a development of SOE’s Food Holding Formation Strategy and Merger strategy for several holding member
  • Led a development of a Masterplan for Development of a Province in Indonesia
  • Led a Corporate Plan Implementation Strategy development of a SOE Industrial Estate
  • Led a Long-Term Corporate Strategic Plan for one of the biggest property & real estate SOE company
  • Led a corporate governance plans, subsidiary grand designs, and financing structures alternatives for one of port developer SOE company in Indonesia
  • Led a corporate plan design for the biggest pension SOE company in Indonesia
  • Conduct a market study of raw material used in the manufacturing Industry
  • Led a strategic plan development for rural development initiative in Indonesia


Leader, Indonesia
2017 – Present

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