The Variety of Services at Skha Management Consulting Company

Skha Consulting is a business management consulting company that provides professional services supported by experienced experts according to your business needs.

A business needs to remain relevant to survive in the intense global competition. It continues to advance and grow by going with the recent trends and making strategic plans to develop the company.

To make it happen, you can work with a management consulting company, one of which is Skha. The services provided will be described below.

Business Planning Services (Business Design)

The first service at the management consulting firm Skha is business design. Quoted from ideou.com, business design is the design of a business that combines the mindset of business, analysts, and strategists with design methods and perspectives. The roles of business designers include:

  1. Switch between design and business mindset as needed
  2. Interpret consumer needs
  3. Understand the client’s business model and prototype a new business model
  4. Assess potential market reach
  5. Ensuring that all elements of the business model match the customer experience

Business Strategy Implementation Services (Implementation)

The management consulting firm Skha also provides strategic implementation services. Strategic implementation can be understood as plans to implement a series of business activities to achieve the stated goals.

Setting goals is the first thing you have to formulate. With a goal, you can develop a detailed strategy and implement it in a focused and purposeful manner. Some essential formulations in strategic implementation are:

  1. How to grow future business
  2. How to achieve customer satisfaction as a top priority
  3. How to face competitors and become a winner
  4. How is the company’s response to the development of market conditions
  5. How is the company’s functional management
  6. How to develop the potential and capabilities of all elements of the company

Corporate Financial Consulting Services (Advisory & Transaction)

Regarding business, finance is a vital subject. Skha Consulting provides financial consulting services for companies as a professional management consulting firm. The services provided by Skha include:

  1. Public financing. At the government level (Ministry/Institution), Skha will help you choose several investment variants that have been reviewed and suit your needs. Skha also serves matters of State Capital Participation (PMN) to Public Private Partnership (PPP).
  2. At the Government Level (Ministry/Institutional), Skha provides pre-transaction services, namely considering the correct type of investment according to client needs and conducting a merger and acquisition (M&A) strategy. Next is transaction & arrangement, considering various factors to make detailed and comprehensive financial decisions as well as post-transactions that include due diligence for the company’s legal aspects, post-merging integration, today one operation PMO to help clients better monitor the company’s financial processes.

Company Policy Analysis Services (Policy & Advisory)

The following service available at the business management consulting firm Skha is policy and advisory. This service helps your company consider and make the right policies internally and externally.

Skha’s policy analyst services include:

1. Government Level (Ministry/Institution)

Skha’s service at this scale is in the form of public policy development. At this stage, Skha helps you propose a new policy, cancel a policy, calculate the company’s financial and physical factors, and conduct a policy review and key stakeholder alignment.

2. Corporate Level (CEO & Private)

Skha helps you to create corporate policies or management guidelines that you can use as work performance standards. The company would also help you design business processes and stakeholder alignment to achieve organizational goals with consistent results.

3. Business/Function Level (Business Unit/Director/Division)

Skha helps you establish Standard Operational Performance (SOP) and commercial, investment, and human resources policies. It is also equipped with policy drafting, stakeholder alignment, and project/product SOPs.

4. Project/Product Level

In this scale, Skha helps you to formulate project or product policies and standard operational performances. It also includes policy drafting and stakeholder alignment to achieve effective project policies and follow company goals.

Why Choose Skha Management Consulting Company?

Skha has been active for 21 years in business management consulting. We have worked with hundreds of clients and assisted them in identifying problems and formulating research and data-based solutions.

Skha is supported by a team of experienced professionals handling clients from various industries. So, we can provide customized solutions for each client according to their needs and to achieve goals.

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Learn about our range of services through the Services page. If you need further explanation, please get in touch with us. We can also learn the latest business world information through our articles page.

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