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The Variety of Consultants in Indonesia and Where to Start Your Career

You can choose from various consultation fields in Indonesia, with each type’s services and responsibilities you must learn and perform. On this occasion, we will discuss multiple consultants in Indonesia to inspire your career.

Consultation is one of the most sought-after professions because many companies require professional expertise to sustain their business. The role of consultants in directing and solving complex problems does this job is still in demand to this day. Here is the following explanation to get a more comprehensive picture of the various consultants.

What is a Consultant?

In general, a consultant is a person or party that provides consulting services in the professional field he is involved in a company. The output of a consultant can be in the form of recommendations for data-based solutions to complex problems facing the company.

A consultant provides numerical analysis and updates on business developments in various industries to present a formulated solution. This solution has to be tested through a series of research and data processing.

A consultant can work independently or join a consulting company. Those interested in this profession should know the types of expertise or fields a consultant occupies. Here is the explanation.

1. Business Management and Strategy Consultant (Management Consultant)

A management consultant solves a large and complex problem faced by their client, in this case, a company.

A management consultant is a professional who provides solutions and strategies to develop an organization’s financial and operational health (company)—the recommended solution made by a series of research and data processing activities.

2. Marketing Consultant

A marketing consultant focuses on preparing and implementing marketing strategies for the target market, such as helping to create a marketing plan, formulating appropriate messages to convey to consumers, and conducting campaigns. These are the plans to increase the awareness of products and compete with competitors.

3. Accounting Consultant

Accounting consultants help you understand each report’s meaning and how the data can impact the company.

In carrying out their duties, accounting consultants also carry out tasks that are in line with accounting services in general. Such as financial forecasting, analyzing financial statements, determining business profitability, analyzing accounts payable to see the possibility of making savings, and so on.

4. Tax Consultant

Tax consultants minimize a company’s tax liability by taking advantage of tax deductions. Tax consultants can help with tax planning, inheritance, charity, weakness, and other complex tax needs.

A tax consultant must keep current with tax requirements and legal changes at regional and national levels.

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5. Financial Consultant

A financial consultant or financial advisor will conduct an audit to determine the company’s current financial situation and develop a strategic plan to help the company achieve its goals in the future.

Financial consultants work by understanding clients’ assets and what the company or client wants from their holdings in the future.

6. IT Consultant

IT consultants are individuals whose job is to assist a business or organization in managing its technology, such as cyber security, software performance, and data analytics, that impact business.

An IT consultant works by planning, updating, and maintaining a client’s technology and offers advice on developing the latest technology that contributes to business success.

7. HR Consultant

An HR Consultant helps the company (client) manage the quality of its employees to achieve company goals.

For example, in new companies, HR consultants are tasked with establishing company policies and procedures and ensuring that they comply with applicable laws regarding employees. Then, set a complaint mediation process to make recommendations for reorganizing the department’s leadership structure.

8. Actuarial Consultant

Actuarial consultants are financial professionals advising clients on investment, insurance, and pension-related decisions according to the analyzed data. They calculate, analyze funds, estimate, and provide clients with the most accurate information to help them make the best decisions.

And these are the variety of consultants in Indonesia that also be your following career path. Have you decided you want a career in your field? One type of consultant that is in great demand is a business management consultant.

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