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Peeking into the Internship Experience at the Skha Consulting Company

An internship is an opportunity to directly learn a lot of new knowledge and experience in work while having no previous job experience beforehand. Therefore, getting internship experience in a company that can enrich you with various knowledge is essential. For example, interning in the management consulting firm Skha.

Skha is a company that provides solutions to various management problems faced by companies—from helping design business concepts, implementing managerial details, and assisting in financial management to consulting on organizational policies. What is the internship experience like here? Before we get to that, let’s get to know Skha first!

Get to Know Skha Better!

Having been established for more than 20 years, Skha’s experience in corporate management consulting is unquestionable. Throughout its journey as a management consulting company, Skha has successfully handled more than 500 projects.

When founded in 2001, Skha came with primary expertise in the banking sector and strategic planning. Skha broadened its expertise to expand into the non-bank financial institutions, energy, infrastructure, and property sectors as it grew. Until 2020, Skha offers end-to-end business solutions ranging from consulting to policy formulation and development for companies from various sectors.

Management consulting firm Skha proves its worth by handling more than 100 clients. From ministries and institutions such as Bappenas and Kominfo, financial service institutions such as Bank Indonesia, BUMN such as Telkom Indonesia dan Pelindo, and various foreign and national private companies, one of which is Unilever. With these various experiences, getting an internship opportunity at Skha will be a precious experience.

Skha’s Work Environment

Management consulting firm Skha is experienced in dealing with hundreds of clients and projects and offers a supportive work life for each of its employees because Skha believes a healthy and creative work environment can generate innovation from its employees.

Every Skha employee also upholds family values ​​in serving every client. These values ​​are also carried out daily when working with fellow employees, resulting in a mutually supportive work environment in each other’s performance growth. That way, a comfortable and enjoyable work environment is created.

Career Options at Skha

The fun experience of working with Skha is not only for experienced employees as consultants but also for fresh graduates who seek to enrich their knowledge.

There are three career options offered by Skha, namely Associate Consultant, Senior Associate Consultant, and Head of Corporate Affairs. Meanwhile, for those who already have experience, registering as a Senior Associate Consultant and Head of Corporate Affairs at Skha can open up opportunities to lead Skha in creating sustainable innovation.

As for fresh graduates, you can register as an Associate Consultant responsible for growing, improving, and creating client business solutions.

Internship Experience at Skha

An internship at Skha brings you many advantages. At Skha, you will learn and enrich your knowledge related to management consulting. This is the right opportunity to develop self-competence, as well as learn to focus, persevere, and the ability to think strategically in solving various problems.

Additionally, interning at Skha will broaden your relationships and connections because you will be responsible for providing consultations for various clients. This is a precious opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience.

An internship at Skha can also be a springboard for your next career. If you manage to perform beyond Skha’s expectation as an intern, there’s a possibility to be recruited as a full-time employee. A full-time employee at Skha will have a clear career path and position, and Skha would also support you to learn, develop, and provide the best for yourself and the company.

With more than 20 years of experience, management consulting firm Skha could be the right place to gain more experience in the business management consulting field. You would also gain the invaluable internship experience, as well as relationships and connections that you might not be able to get elsewhere.

Are you interested in interning at Skha? You can get more information about careers at Skha by visiting Skha join the team page.

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