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How to Overcome Procrastination from Decreasing Your Productivity

Do you know what procrastination is? Procrastination is a condition of procrastinating work, which can harm your judgment in the world of work. Of course, this habit needs to be changed as soon as possible.

We often need to realize it before we put off work. Sometimes we feel tired or bored and want to do fun activities first. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do other activities first but remember your obligations.

Procrastination can be a problem if workers are negligent with the deadlines, so work becomes neglected. This is detrimental to workers and the company or office that provides the labor.

To keep this condition from decreasing your judgment or productivity, you need to find things that can change your work and make you feel more excited when you get the job done. Therefore, consider the following review to overcome procrastination.

Overcoming Procrastination from Disrupting Your Routines

Daily routines become obligations that must be done. It doesn’t matter if sometimes you feel lazy or tired. Just keep this from causing work delays that affect your performance.

Here are various ways to deal with procrastination that you can do:

1. Create a To-Do List

The first way to overcome procrastination is to make a to-do list, where every day before starting work, you will write down various activities that must be done. That way, movements become more focused, and you will save time doing a job.

In addition, by making a to-do list, readers will not procrastinate because all activities have been listed, but be firm with yourself so that all activities can be carried out according to plan.

You can divide the work by various statuses. For example, a high priority must be completed first, and a low priority can be done after a high priority is met.

2. Don’t Stall Things

If you often put off work done to get temporary pleasure, such as scrolling social media, even though you can do this calmly if all the work has been completed, you’re stalling your work.

You can use assistive apps such as the Pomodoro focus timer to get used to focusing on your work. Later there will be an opportunity to rest and do activities that you enjoy.

3. Avoid Any Kind of Distractions

Procrastination can also occur because your mind is easily distracted. For example, when you are doing an activity, then you want to take a moment to open social media.

This can be anticipated by keeping gadgets out of your reach. If your work intersects with the use of devices, you can log out or turn off notifications, so you stay focused on your actual tasks.

4. Change Your Mindset

Mindset is one of the obstacles. Why do you keep returning to the habit of procrastinating on the job? Is it boredom, or do you think you could rush it later? Such as the thought that the work can be done later or that you will do it after watching TV first.

So over time, time will run out in vain and certainly make your work pile up. Change your mindset that avoiding the habit of procrastinating will give you more time to do the activities you like more freely.

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5. Self Appreciation

Overcoming procrastination also requires self-appreciation; if you manage to do a task without being distracted and complete it on time, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself appreciation to motivate yourself to improve.

For example, eating your favorite menu at your favorite restaurant or taking a weekend walk can be the best choice. Overcoming procrastination does require belief in yourself and persistence to prove that your readers can get through it.

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