Skha Management Consulting Services

How Do We Help

Skha provides ideal solutions tailored to your business problems and values

Skha’s management consulting services help you realize strategic and comprehensive business management through detailed and up-to-date research.

Business Design

Business Design is a service to assist you in designing business plans that are able to anticipate various issues in the future.


Implementation is a service to assist you in executing managerial details with comprehensive, structured, timely, and efficient steps.

Advisory & Transaction

Advisory & Transaction is a service that helps you with financial management and transaction details to facilitate the stages and processes of business negotiations.

Policy Advisory

Policy Advisory is a service that provides consultation regarding your business organization’s policy formulation in accordance with existing laws.

Highlighted Results

Skha has helped many companies and brands to reach their full potential

We accompany you through every process. Skha assists in the preparation of RJPP, brand, and company development studies to formulate solutions according to what clients need.

  • Business Expansion

    This stage is critical, especially for those just starting a business, to penetrate the market and survive the further competition.

  • Business Strengthen

    The business has grown large enough to achieve sustainable growth at this stage.

  • Business Transformation

    This stage is the final step for the business that determines whether the changes that occur increase or decrease the business’s potential to achieve sustainable development.


Trusted by Various Industries and Brands

Skha has accumulated various experiences while handling hundreds of projects from various names of leading industries. From ministries and institutions, financial service institutions, state-owned enterprises, foreign private, and national private.

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