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We invest in innovative and dedicated people so that their careers grow along with the development of Skha

Consultants will deal with many client issues across industries, from helping multinational companies create organizational change to assisting governments in formulating strategic policy. Working with Skha will help you build and join robust professional networks.

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Senior Associate Consultant

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Executive Leader


Recruitment Process

Find out how we get the best talent on the team!

What do we seek from potential candidates? We are looking for colleagues who are fast-moving, ambitious, initiative, and respect others. Our application process may vary depending on the position you are applying for.

Our candidate evaluation emphasizes your problem-solving skills and the values you believe in. You will go through five stages: Mathematics Test, Group Discussion Test Forum, Case Discussion, and Leaders and Partner Interview.

We will test your mathematical knowledge for 60 minutes. During this duration, you will need to complete 20 questions in which you must exert your thinking and decision-making skills quickly and precisely.

The discussion forum will last for 90-120 minutes, where you will be grouped with several participants to position yourself as a team of consultants who must solve a case, where the team’s final results will be assessed by the consultant who attends the discussion forum.

You will go through this stage on a panel with other candidates, which a consultant will carry out at the leader level. For 60-90 minutes, you will convey your goals, experience, and problem-solving skills as a basis for assessing your desired position.

At this stage, a Project Director-level consultant will question you. This session aims to decide your level of understanding and how you apply your analytical and problem-solving skills to a case.

The final stage of the recruitment process is an interview between you and our Senior Partner for 60 minutes. In this session, the Partner will determine your position with Skha based on your commitment, motivation, and goals.

Working with Skha

Explore Your Choices with Skha

Skha provides a place for you to grow and develop because our success aligns with your career path. Thus, your success will also be our most important priority.


Open your doors to wider opportunities by leading Skha to make innovation more accurate and sustainable.

Fresh Graduate

Start a track record of a successful career by becoming one of the best and brightest assets in the world of business management consulting.


Empower yourself early on and earn real recognition from the world’s industries.

Life as A Consultant

What does a business consultant need to master?

As a consultant, you must develop complex business, technology, and industry skills. By combining these three, you are ready to serve outstanding solutions for any clients across the fields.

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