Transformation of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Towards Society 5.0, What is it?

When you hear the word Society 5.0, what comes to your mind? Or you’ve never heard of it? This term is currently popular among the world community along with the development and use of technology.

The country that first sparked this concept in the world audience was Japan. Japan believes that modern technology-based science, such as Artificial Intelligence, robots, and the Internet of Things, can be used for significant purposes so that humans can live comfortably.

If previously the industrial revolution 4.0 emphasized artificial intelligence as the main component, now society 5.0 relies more on humans as the main component of the technology developers themselves and beneficiaries.

On this occasion, we will introduce the concept of society 5.0 more comprehensively. See below for more!

Get to Know The Concept of Society 5.0

Japan first introduced this concept in response to technological developments affecting people’s quality of life. If 4.0 focuses on using AI and artificial intelligence as the main components, it differs from 5.0, which uses modern technology and humans.

The hope is that humans will receive the maximum benefit from using this technology and not a victims of technological automation.

Concept 5.0 is a refinement of the four existing Society concepts, namely:

  1. 1.0 is the era of humans hunting and getting to know writing.
  2. 2.0 when the agricultural era began, humans shifted from survival by hunting to providing food through farming.
  3. 3.0 is when humans started using machines for their daily activities, known as the era of entering the industry.
  4. 4.0 is when humans know computers to the internet.
  5. 5.0, namely the times when technology was part of humanity, the internet was not only a place to share information but as a tool for living life.

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Society Transformation 5.0 as an Effort to Achieve Sustainable Development

Society 5.0 has goals that align with efforts to achieve sustainable development or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Thus, society 5.0 can also be used to realize the SDGs.

Of course, implementing this concept in all countries has its challenges. For example, the main challenge in Japan is the population, which is dominated by non-productive age and declining birth rates.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, the challenges include a large territory, an increasing population, and uneven development and infrastructure. Therefore, implementing 5.0 and achieving SDGs in Indonesia requires a long time and concrete steps. To achieve this, of course, cooperation between the government and the private sector is needed.

One thing that we need to pay attention to together is that the transformation from industry 4.0 to society 5.0 cannot be avoided. This transformation comes as a response to the development of the times, which hopes to help facilitate all aspects of people’s lives.

Concentrating the main component on humans means that the government is taking part in improving the quality of human resources (HR) as innovators in the development of technology itself.

So sustainable development can be created because humans are not only positioned as consumers who will enjoy the results of technological advances. But also as a pillar of civilization through the innovations it sparked.

So, every company needs to adapt to the times’ challenges to remain relevant. Leaders need special skills to be able to read trends and opportunities in the future.

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