Gig Economy: A New Way to Earn Money!

Have you ever heard of the term gig economy? This term is growing in line with the rise of digital transformation. Moreover, technological developments are currently accompanied by a pandemic that makes many people choose to work from home.

The gig economy phenomenon arises due to the influence of industrial changes. As we all know, the world is in the industrial 4.0 stage. This change is a factor that supports the emergence of the term gig economy, which is attached to young workers in Indonesia. What is the gig economy like? Check out the explanation below!

What is the Gig Economy?

The gig economy is a term that comes from the word ‘gig,’ which is often heard in the entertainment industry. Usually, the gig describes an ongoing project; later, the gig workers will get paid based on how many tasks are successfully done. In other words, the gig economy describes people who like to be freelancers or are not fully attached to the company.

The phenomenon of the gig economy can provide income more efficiently and flexibly. The reason is people need to follow whatever projects can be done. Some jobs that fall within the scope of this gig economy are content creators, art workers, web hosting, and graphic designers.

Not only that, but the gig economy has also expanded into the administrative industry area with virtual assistants or in education with freelance tutors. Nowadays, more and more jobs can be done freelance without having to be tied to a company full-time. This way of working is growing because many young people prefer to work freelance. Moreover, the gig economy is supported by a work-from-anywhere system.

Gig Economy Impact

The gig economy phenomenon has a real impact, both positive and negative. In terms of its positive effects, the gig economy will provide convenience for anyone. Moreover, people can take on projects according to their abilities and expertise.

In addition, you can also adapt it to your lifestyle. For example, if you are more used to working alone and only at night, you can look for projects that can be done anytime and anywhere.

By choosing a project that matches your skills, your ability to do that will also be honed. However, it is possible that you can switch to another job industry if you feel qualified. As long as it can produce accountable work, then the gig economy can run smoothly.

Unfortunately, the gig economy is often judged to reflect the uncertainty of one’s career. Because you will have the status of a freelancer, it is difficult to determine your career path. In addition, although freelance work can be more flexible, many people need help managing their working time. Finally, many people need help implementing work-life balance so that it becomes a boomerang for their health.

Pros and Cons of the Gig Economy

Although the gig economy can also make money, there is still much debate about this phenomenon. Some experts consider that the gig economy reduces a person’s purchasing power because many people will be unemployed for a certain period. This, of course, can affect the country’s economy at large.

Experts consider that the Indonesian economy can stagnate with an uncontrolled gig economy and not develop in a more inclusive direction. This is supported by data that explains the 127 million workers in Indonesia, a third are in the

Being a freelancer does look fun and more flexible. Moreover, one can be free of company regulations. Therefore, the phenomenon of the gig economy is growing. The gig economy is a picture of today’s workforce who prefer to be freelancers.

However, the Indonesian economy could be at stake if not appropriately addressed. The key is to continue to improve your skills so that many companies need your skills.

The opportunity to improve skills will undoubtedly be more optimal if it is supported by a supportive, safe, and comfortable work environment for talents to develop themselves, as has been implemented by Skha so far.

As a management consulting company, Skha strives to create a supportive, safe and comfortable work environment for its talents to develop themselves. We open opportunities for those of you who are interested in the world of c

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