A Glance at the Indonesian Telecommunication Industry Potential

The telecommunications industry in Indonesia is showing a positive trend. When viewed from the increasing number of service users and services provided by various cellular providers is an indication that communication is essential.

The community needs provider support as a facility provider. All distance and time constraints are manageable problems because of the presence of this infrastructure.

With the presence of this industry, people are increasingly literate in technology. They are more creative because a variety of information is easily obtained. Within seconds, even real-time events can be monitored.

All levels of society need effective means of communication. This is a good market share for the telecommunications industry in Indonesia, evidenced by the increasingly tight competition between companies.

7 Major Telecommunications Companies in Indonesia

Here are the 7 largest telecommunications companies in the country.

1. Telkomsel

Telkomsel is the largest cellular provider in Indonesia. The company’s profits from selling its communications services account for almost 60% of the telecommunications market target by 2020.

As part of the telecommunications industry, Telkomsel has managed to rank 6th as the best provider in the world. It is proven by the satisfaction of hundreds of millions of consumers in every country, with more than 575 roaming partners in 200 countries.

2. Tri

Tri also controls the market share of telecommunications companies in Indonesia. Become one of the mainstays in rural areas because the network can reach all corners of the room.

At the beginning of its appearance in the Indonesian telecommunications industry, this company proliferated because it entered the right segment: young people, and one is because it applies low-cost rates to student and university students’ pockets.

3. Indosat Ooredoo

In third place is Indosat Ooredoo, which is quite indulgent for gadget users in Indonesia. With these unique features, this company can outperform the market from the success of selling prepaid and postpaid cards.

PT Indosat provides communication features that directly reach remote parts of the country to the international side. Also, provide internet and other communication services that make it competitive.

4. XL Axiata

One thing that stands out from the XL Axiata service is its internet feature, as well as providing prepaid and postpaid communication products.

XL Axiata has a wide selection of products tailored to user needs—from fiber optic WiFi to portable WiFi that can be used anywhere. This innovation has made XL one of the largest telecommunication industries in Indonesia.

5. Smartfren

One of the advantages is providing communication services based on 4G LTE. Since its appearance in 2002, its users have increased significantly, along with the many attractive features and pocket-friendly promos.

6. Cheerful

The 90s generation must have been familiar with one of the telecommunications industry players. It has changed its name to Sampurna Telkom, and it still exists by developing operating services with a frequency of 450 MHz.

This company still has a place in the hearts of consumers because of the features of full telephone, broadband, and wireless services and because branch companies with good distribution expansion capabilities support it.

The increasing public demand for communication facilities and infrastructure has given the telecommunications industry a broad market share. In the future, the number of service users will increase with varied interests and needs.

Of course, many more services are offered by each significant company above for customers. Keeping up with the trend of consumer needs, each provider has its characteristics as part of the quality telecommunications industry.

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