Skha’s Range of Consulting Services to Help Businesses and Organizations

Skha is an Indonesian management consulting firm with experience handling top-level management clients from various companies and agencies. By providing comprehensive management consulting services, from business strategy, implementation, to policy design, Skha always delivers the best results.

With more than 20 years of experience in management consulting, Skha has completed more than 500 projects. The services provided continue to develop to assist clients in creating optimal competitiveness, and this review will discuss the management consulting services offered by Skha.

Business Design

Business Design is a business consulting service that will assist companies in designing business concepts effectively and efficiently. That way, the company can anticipate future situations while minimizing potential risks. Business Design itself is an important stage in the process of achieving business success.

Skha’s Business Design services include procedures for macroeconomic analysis, market analysis, and evaluation of client performance to then serve as a basis for determining the direction of business development. Of course, the entire design will be adjusted to the client’s aspirations so that the recommendations and implementation plans provided can be actually implemented.


Skha also offers Implementation services. This service aims to assist companies and agencies in carrying out managerial details that are not only structured but also timely and efficient to achieve the best possible results. In business, implementation is an important stage because it is related to the managerial details of the company, even setting organizational policies.

Skha offers assistance services in the implementation of the company’s business plan. This service will be a comprehensive, structured, timely, and efficient project management suite. Implementation services are also provided by following the company’s dynamics to achieve applicable results.

Advisory & Transaction

Advisory & Transaction Services from Skha help companies and agencies in financial management and transactions that will facilitate the business negotiation process. This business consulting service is here to assist clients in dealing with various financial operations to maximize business benefits.

With expertise in navigating the details of complex business transactions and finances, this financial management service from Skha will assist companies in developing financial strategies and in the process of negotiations and transactions so that the company’s business value increases. This service is available at Corporate Level (SOE and private sector) and Government Level (ministries and institutions).

Policy Advisory

Skha also provides Policy Advisory consulting services. This is an advisory service related to formulating corporate and state agency policies. That way, the guidelines do not violate state law rules.

To make this happen, Skha will assist in recording reports, consulting with stakeholders, and studying the company’s business sector in depth. Thus, the policies made also have a high degree of accuracy.

This Policy Advisory service will assist the company in establishing company policies by considering current issues and conditions that may affect business operations. The services provided include analyzing the relevance of the latest government policies to adjusting company policies that have been prepared with relevant laws. Skha will assist in the whole process.

As a management consulting service provider with more than 20 years of experience, Skha is committed to continuously providing services that can meet the various needs of its clients. All services provided are ensured to be comprehensive, structured, timely, and efficient so that clients can immediately achieve the expected results.

Are any of the four consulting services above your expertise? If so, take advantage of the opportunity to grow with Skha. With experience in completing more than 500 projects, Skha has a work ecosystem that supports the self-development of each talent. Explore more career development opportunities in management consulting with Skha by visiting Skha’s Career page!

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