Definition of Business Strategy, Functions, and Applicable Examples

Business strategy is a company’s efforts to adopt policies to build excellence in business competition. The goal is to fulfill and achieve the company’s vision, mission, and business targets.

Thus, the company can determine the direction of goals by identifying problems in terms of markets, competitors, and so on. This strategy helps various departments work together to support the company.

Business strategy helps companies anticipate problems and deal with changing business trends so that the obstacles faced and the goals set can be realized.

The following is a complete discussion of business strategies that you must understand. Read more!

Know the Functions of Business Strategy

Now that we understand what business strategy is, we know that business strategy is essential to company success. Every business must have a special team that creates it and then maximizes its implementation. Following are the functions of implementing strategy in business.

1. Planning

Business strategy helps the business and all existing human resources to identify problems. Furthermore, the results of the identification of these problems will help to formulate the key steps to achieve common goals.

2. Assess strengths and weaknesses

Furthermore, the business strategy identifies the company’s strengths and weaknesses. These points then become a reference for dealing with a problem and minimizing risks due to the company’s liabilities.

3. Efficiency

The business plan also has an efficiency function in allocating resources effectively.

4. Control

The business strategy provides space for leaders or business owners to exercise control over organizational activities that contribute to the company.

5. Competitive Advantage

The implementation of business strategy also helps companies create a competitive advantage to achieve a goal, namely by exploiting the company’s strength and making it a competitive advantage. This point is what makes the company character.

Examples of Business Strategies

Here are some examples of business strategies that companies can implement. It is essential to understand the business model and available resources to achieve goals before implementing them.

1. Cross-selling

Not a few organizations focus on selling more products to the same customer, which is called cross-selling. This approach is most effective for office supply companies, banks, and online retailers.

Increasing the number of products offered to each customer can increase the average consumer’s spending size. As long as it is sustainable, the slightest increase will certainly affect profitability.

2. Innovative product or service

Every industry innovates by utilizing technology that continues to experience development, namely by creating cutting-edge products as an affirmation of characteristics and characteristics.

Technological developments are an advantage for every company to create products as well as solutions to problems experienced by society, hence this can be a business loophole.

3. New product development

Not only focusing on the main product, but it is also essential to consider the development of new products, which of course, still respond to consumer needs to target a broader market.

4. Improve quality service

One example of the next business strategy is to improve service for customers. Start building a good and strong reputation in terms of customer service by providing more effective online support or call centers, providing a complaint column, and providing solutions quickly and precisely through customer service.

5. Acquiring a new company

The acquisition is one of the business strategies that you can do. Collaborating with other companies that have potential markets will undoubtedly expand your market.

You also automatically have regular customers from the type of product the company you acquired. However, before the acquisition, you must conduct an in-depth analysis of which company and how much risk it faces.

That’s the explanation regarding the meaning of business strategy. Have you decided which business strategy you want to implement?

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