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Tracing The Efforts to Reach Indonesia Emas 2045

In recent years, there has been a discourse on Indonesia Emas 2045. Do you understand what Indonesia Emas 2045 is?

In short, Indonesia Gold 2045 is the momentum of 100 years of Indonesia’s independence. At that time, too, Indonesia received an abundance of demographic bonuses.

The demographic bonus is a phase where the total population of Indonesia is dominated by productive age (15-64 years). This young generation will lead Indonesia, and it is in their hands that the fate of the Indonesian nation is at stake.

If properly prepared and utilized, the demographic bonus will have a positive impact on economic development and lighten the burden on a nation’s life; even the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani and the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan said that Indonesia could become a developed country if it were supported by human resources (Source Qualified Human Resources.

Therefore, the Government is trying to realize this dream by compiling the pillars of the vision and mission of Indonesia 2045. What are they? Let’s look at the following summary.

Indonesia Gold 2045 Vision

The achievement of dreams and visions cannot be achieved in a short time, considering that the archipelago is vast and has a population of tens of millions of people. Moreover, inequality and social inequality, education, and development still occur.

To realize the vision of Indonesia Gold 2045, 4 pillars were built based on the 1945 Constitution and Pancasila as the nation’s foundation. The purpose of establishing the four pillars of the 2045 golden Indonesia vision is as follows:

  1. Promote the general welfare.
  2. Protect the entire Indonesian nation and all of Indonesia’s bloodshed.
  3. Carry out a world order based on freedom, eternal peace, and social justice.
  4. Educating the life of the country.

To achieve the goals of the vision of Indonesia Gold 2045, concrete steps are needed from the Government and supported by the community. The following is a complete explanation of the pillars of the vision of Indonesia Emas 2045.

4 Pillars of Indonesia Emas Vision 2045

Realizing a Golden Indonesia is the Government’s step in building a sovereign, independent country and becoming the axis of the world’s megatrends. The steps to realize this has been written in the 4 Pillars of Indonesia’s 2045 Vision, namely:

1. Pembangunan Manusia serta Penguasaan Ilmu Pengetahuan dan Teknologi

Good education is a practical step to improve the quality of human resources to boost productivity and increase life expectancy.

One of them is improving the quality of education from elementary school to university. The determination of the educational curriculum must also follow the developments and needs of the times.

Apart from focusing on education to improve the quality of human resources, culture also plays a role as a noble cultural value of the nation so that it cannot be abandoned or ignored.

The first pillar focuses on human empowerment, namely people who will be involved as human resources in developing the economy and other vital sectors.

The use of technology must be utilized and maximized so that it can help human work to be more productive, fast, and with minimal errors. In addition, it also makes the labor market more adaptive and flexible.

2. Sustainable Economic Development

To improve the economy on a regional and global scale, the government continues to evaluate strategies to increase investment, industry, trade, services, maritime, and tourism.

Because this whole sector will build the country’s economic resilience, the government continues to provide support through sustainable infrastructure development to reach all remote areas so that economic equality can be achieved.

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3. Equitable Development

The third pillar of the Vision of Indonesia Gold 2045 is to ensure that development can be equitable in all parts of Indonesia. The goal is that equitable development can reduce the income gap and improve the welfare of Indonesian citizens.

Therefore, the Government seeks equitable development through steps such as developing inter-island transportation routes and access routes to the outermost areas.

In addition, it also seeks development in remote areas and increases virtual and digital connectivity. The benefits of equitable development can reach all groups of people, especially the layers of society living in rural and remote areas, so they have escaped attention. So, the focus of the third pillar is to ensure that every Indonesian citizen can feel the positive impact of development.

4. Consolidation of National Resilience and Governance

As a step towards realizing Golden Indonesia 2045, the pillars of the vision that can support this goal are strengthening national resilience and good governance. This is done through institutional and bureaucratic reforms to realize authority with an administration prioritizing services for the public interest.

This point is also inseparable from the resilience and security of the state. In addition, Indonesia must continue to be active in a free and active foreign policy. Prioritizing substantive democracy, strengthening anti-corruption, and improving the quality of the national legal system.

To achieve the goals of the Indonesia 2045 vision, the activeness of all groups of people is needed. You, as citizens, can also help make it happen.

You do this by honing your skills, adding knowledge relevant to the times, and making your dreams come true, whether developing a business or joining a management consulting firm to provide comprehensive solutions for the continuity of a business.

As a management consulting company, Skha is committed to helping in the journey toward Golden Indonesia 2045 by providing opportunities for the nation’s children to develop skills and experience as management consultants.

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