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Get to Know More About the Experience of Being a Management Consultant at Skha

The management consultant career is still the most favored career path, especially for fresh graduates, and it is in high demand and ranges from national to international scale.

The work of a management consultant is synonymous with a fast-paced environment, high working hours, and analytical and negotiation skills. Hence, gaining experience as a management consultant at your dream company is essential.

Through lots of significant experience, you can gain more knowledge to learn more about your dream company’s profession and culture. On this occasion, we will share a testimony of the experience of being a consultant business at the Skha company.

Business Management Consultants at a Glance

Skha is a business management consulting company that was established in 2001. Initially, Skha only focused on the banking industry and strategic planning. As the years went by, Skha continued to grow across various sectors.

Skha has handled clients of various business scales, from the government, corporations, and business units to the project level. Our clients come from multiple industries, including banking, non-banking financial institutions, FMCG, mining, infrastructure, health, tourism, property, and digital.

Currently, Skha provides end-to-end business solutions and has just won the title of Result Driven Firm and Best Consulting Firm in 2022. The difference between Skha and other business management consultants is our ability to provide customized business solutions for each client. Of course, the solutions also consider the type of industry the client runs and their internal and external factors.

The final result is not only easy to implement, but Skha also helps clients implement the solution until they can apply it independently.

Generation Z and Millennials dominate Skha’s work environment as we are very welcoming to any individuals who are eager to learn and grow. Skha believes that the development of a company is in line with the progress of each of its talents, and that’s why we strive to create a friendly space for those passionate about continuous learning and the process.

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Work Experience as a Management consultant at SKHA Consulting

We will invite readers to explore more deeply the experience of working as a management consultant, starting from the scope of work, why choosing a career in this profession, to the challenges faced from the point of view of a Skha Senior Leader, Ramadhani Barjono. 

Ramadhani Barjono is a Senior Leader at Skha who joined in 2019. With more than ten years of experience in various industries, he has expertise in corporate strategy, business development, and project implementation.

Amid his tasks as a Senior Leader, Ramadhani continues to channel his hobbies into singing, drawing, and other creative activities. For Ramadhani, creativity can help him think out of the box, which is necessary to hone his problem-solving skills and help him express his emotions positively.

As a Senior Leader, Ramadhani handles a project with a large team structure. Ramadhani’s role is to see the project end-to-end more comprehensively and make decisions by quick problem-solving if necessary.

Why Did You Choose This Profession?

I wish to impact others, including many businesses’ continuity, positively. The intermediate goal is that this job accommodates my needs, such as being surrounded by an inspiring circle of internal teams and clients and meeting young people with different aspirations and ways of thinking.

Also, I enjoy this job; it allows me to become a better person daily because of the small goals we must achieve.

What Challenges Do You Face In Working as A Management Consultant?

The challenge is that when we come as consultants, there are expectations and visions from the client, so we can do our best to help him achieve the project goals that have been set. 

That’s where we must manage or equalize expectations and visions before the project is executed. In addition, there are always new challenges because many sectors require new knowledge.

What is The Daily Routine of A Business Management Consultant?

At Skha, the working hours are very flexible, depending on what your schedule has for the day. My mornings are usually filled with meditation and contemplation. You could also choose to work directly or do a checkpoint with the team.

After that, work can start right away. Whether it’s WFO, WFH, online, or on-site meetings with clients, there will be a checkpoint regarding work that has been completed. If there are no problems, you can checkout directly, and we don’t work at night anymore.

Many of Skha’s friends also use this time to hang out with friends in the area around SCBD, gather with family, or just rest. Unless there’s an urgent need that requires us to complete a deliverable, this certainly doesn’t last forever.

Why Choose Skha?

Everyone certainly has a reason to start a career as a consultant, and some see it based on the salary range, interest in the duties and responsibilities, or references from friends or colleagues in a similar work environment.

For me, working at Skha provides an opportunity to develop my personal and professional work. Besides that, the work environment is also positive. At Skha, the chance to work with many Top-Level Management from various industries and government entities is wide open, and it is an invaluable experience.

Based on the experience as a consultant business above, Skha is the right choice for you to start a career as a management consultant. The demographics filled with Millennials and Gen Z, as well as our commitment to create a healthy workspace and promote progress for each individual, is a home and a stepping stone for you to start and enrich your experience as a consulting business.

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One of the business management consulting companies in Jakarta is Skha. As a consulting firm with 21 years of experience, Skha has handled clients across industries.

With significant experience and high-flying hours, you can consider starting a career with us. Skha prioritizes team development by creating a supportive work environment. Learn more through our careers page.

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