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Reflection on the Role of Youth in the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

With a population composition dominated by productive age, of course, the role of youth in the sustainability of a nation is vital. This is no exception for sustainable development, or what we usually know as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Are you familiar with the SDGs? Or have you never heard of SDGs at all? The Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs are a sustainable development plan that was first formulated in Rome, Italy, on February 10, 2010.

Quoted from the Sdgs Bappenas, website, SDGs aim to maintain a sustainable increase in the economic welfare of the community, maintain the sustainability of the social life of the community, maintain the quality of the environment, as well as inclusive development and the implementation of governance that can support the improvement of the quality of life from one generation to the next.

Furthermore, this agenda was strengthened by the agreement on the document ‘The Future We Want’ at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development Development in 2012. This prompted the agreement on post-2015 development arrangements at the 2015 UN general assembly, namely the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). )

Furthermore, Indonesia is also motivated to carry out and produce achievement of development goals as proclaimed by the United Nations, so in 2017, through a Presidential Decree, the Republic of Indonesia also stated that it would join as part of the SDGs.

Why is the Role of Youth in the SDGs So Necessary?

This is because youth are also part of the target for achieving the SDGs, following the principle that no one is left behind. So it is hoped that youth will not only be beneficiaries but also be able to optimize their presence as development agents.

Quoting the Kompas.com page, the relationship between the role of youth in realizing sustainable development is very close. Youth are the rulers of virtual public space, who have great energy to become actuators, figures who have significant influence in policy changes, mastery of digital and technology, have strong ideals to direct, broad insights due to unlimited access to education, and have the power in creating new trends and lifestyles as well as the driving wheels of the Indonesian economy.

The Government also supports this through the RPJPN and RPJMN, which pay attention to aspects of sustainable development. RPJPN is the National Long-Term Development Plan, while RPJMN is the National Medium-Term Development Plan.

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The Role of Youth in the SDGs Becomes the Key to Development

The younger generation has full responsibility and is the key to development, so it is hoped that they can assist the Government in the success of the SDGs. The goals of the SDGs are very much related to young people, namely:

  1. No Poverty. The importance of economic equality to encourage poverty reduction. The hope is that by 2030 extreme poverty levels can be eliminated.
  2. Zero Starvation. This goal can be realized, meaning that it maximizes research budgets and technological developments to find new food ingredients for humans.

The role of youth can also be encouraged as productive researchers and produce many works that can be used as references for government policies.

  1. Good Health and Well-Being. At this point, it is hoped that the SDGs will create a healthy life and promote welfare for everyone.

Prevention of stunting and access to clean water and nutritious food are steps that need to be taken to realize this third point. With health and welfare for all Indonesian people, the demographic bonus can be utilized as much as possible for the nation’s interest.

  1. Decent Work and Economic Growth. Here, young people can choose to become MSMEs fighters and provide jobs to other people so that more and more people get decent jobs.

At this point, it is crucial for the government to support sustainable economic development and create decent productive jobs as Indonesia’s population increases.

  1. Quality Education. Improving the quality of education is an important thing that must be considered. Education is a provision for Indonesian youth/girls to have the basic skills to realize their goals.
  2. Gender equality. One of the goals of the SDGs is to eradicate discrimination and violence against women, and the creation of gender equality certainly optimizes the collaboration of all Indonesian people.
  3. Clean Water and Sanitation. Clean water and adequate sanitation are fundamental rights mandatory for Indonesian people. Access to safe and sustainable sanitation and drinking water for the community will undoubtedly impact people’s health and welfare.
  4. Responsible Consumption and Production. The government and youth can collaborate to use all goods more responsibly so that there is no excess residue, including energy savings.
  5. Climate Action. The impact of climate change is increasingly being felt daily, and this is also the cause of various disasters. The government needs to make policies that align with efforts to minimize the impact of climate change. Youth and all other levels of society can train themselves to reduce the use of plastic, be responsible for the benefit of electricity, and so on.

Did you know the nine SDGs points above are related to one another? These points are a bridge that leads to a big goal. Therefore, the involvement of all aspects is needed, including the role of youth.

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As a management consulting firm that has been active for 21 years, Skha also supports the realization of SDGs or sustainable development. One of them is creating jobs and a healthy and proper work environment so that young people can continue growing.

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