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Recruitment Process at the Skha Management Consulting Company

With experience in conducting more than 500++ consulting projects from more than100 clients, Skha has proven to be a credible and experienced management consulting firm. Armed with high expertise, Skha creates excellent opportunities for prospective consultants who want to join and grow together.

Skha offers an opportunity of a job with a good income, and every experience from each project will form new skills and habits that will affect self-development and growth. For Skha, the success of a consultant, both personally and institutionally, is a top priority. So, how is the recruitment process at the management consulting firm Skha?

Career Options at Skha

Skha supports the growth and development of individual consultants, and several concrete steps prove this to increase the career path of Skha consultants as a management consulting company. The following is a sequence of career paths at Skha that you can achieve when you join.

  • Associate Consultant/Junior Consultant
  • Senior Associate Consultant
  • Consultant
  • Leader
  • Senior Leader
  • Executive Leader
  • Partnership

Skha Management Consultant Recruitment Process Stages

In the recruitment process at the Skha management consulting firm, there are several assessments that recruiters will carry out to assess whether the applicant has the abilities and education tested. Skha requires agile, ambitious individuals who have high initiative and can work together in a team.

Several positions do require a different recruitment process according to the skill requirements. However, Skha assesses that and focuses on problem-solving skills, communication, leadership, and personal values.

In addition to the criteria above, some tests must be completed by consultant candidates, including:

1. Math Test

Within 60 minutes, candidates will be tested on their mathematical knowledge. In this section, you only have to complete 20 questions to prove to recruiters that you can make decisions more quickly and accurately.

2. FGD (Focus Group Discussion)

Group discussion forums will be held for 90-120 minutes. Here, you will be grouped with other participants to become a team of consultants tasked with solving a problem. The consultants who accompany this group discussion forum will assess the final results in this session.

3. Leader Interview

This stage is the stage of a panel interview with other candidates conducted by consultants at the leader level. This interview can last 60-90 minutes. You must describe your goals, experience, and problem-solving abilities as assessment material here.

4. Director Interview

Interviews with the Project Director level consultants are the next step. Here, you will be asked many questions to know your level of understanding in management consulting. In addition, how you apply your analytical and problem-solving skills to a case will also be assessed.

5. Final Interview

This stage is the final stage of the Skha management consultant recruitment process. In this section, you will interview your Senior Partner regarding your commitment, motivation, and goals for joining Skha. For 60 minutes, the Senior Partner determines your position when you join Skha.

Skha is in need of nimble, ambitious individuals who have high initiative and can work well in teams. In every recruitment process at the management consulting firm Skha, candidate assessment will focus more on problem-solving, communication, leadership, and personal values. Even so, some positions may require a different recruitment process.

Are you interested in joining the big Skha family? Find out more about available career opportunities by visiting join the team page.

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