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Learn the Various Consultant Certifications You Need to Know

To become an expert, you must possess some essential skills and qualifications. This also applies to consulting, where clients seek advice from you. Experience is a great way to develop your skills.

However, learning on the job can take years. A consulting certification can cut corners by providing the understanding needed to become a competent consultant.

This article will discuss the types of consultant certification that can be considered to increase competency values, according to your specialization.

1. Tax Consultant Certification

Those who focus on tax consultants should consider taking the Tax Consultant Certification Examination (USKP). This is a certification test for the tax consultant profession, and the result is one of the requirements for obtaining a license to practice as a tax consultant.

Apart from being a requirement to practice tax consulting, having a tax consultant certification will also increase your credibility. Ownership of the certificate indicates that you have the knowledge and expertise needed to provide consulting services without violating the applicable laws in Indonesia.

2. Financial Consultant Certification

Another popular type of consultant certification is a financial consultant. There are several types of certificates related to finance, for example, financial planning and accounting (bookkeeping).

Finance consultants are advised to apply for this certification for even better career opportunities. CMA certification or Certified Management Accountant, for example, will help the owner get a job in company financial management.

A work resume with the CMA certification will look more convincing in the eyes of an employer.

3. Management Consultant Certification

Management consultant certification program enables consultants to highlight their expertise and ethics in management consulting. This program broadens an individual’s internal and external consulting knowledge, including consultant tools, techniques, and procedures.

To prepare for this certification, consultants usually participate in a training program of approximately 37.5 hours that teach the exam components.

4. HR Consultant Certification

The HR consultant also has a certification program. By participating in the certification program, HR consultants can gain important insights to help the HR division run efficiently.

This includes talent recruitment and management skills, company branding, employee policies and procedures, salary indicators, and talent development. Some certifications also sometimes include identifying the client’s HR management bottlenecks.

5. Legal Consultant Certification

Many companies require legal assistance because the company’s operations are regulated by state law. Running operations that violate the law can undoubtedly have a detrimental impact on the company.

Certified legal consultants will look more convincing in clients’ eyes. Supported by sufficient experience and experience, having a legal consultant certification can open up even better career opportunities.

6. Business Consultant Certification

Business consultants are comprehensive in scope; they can include financial or management aspects. However, there have recently been business consultants who adjust the business scale, for example, a special consultant for MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises).

Even the Accredited Small Business Certification (ASBC) is now being sought after and recognized worldwide. In choosing a business consultant certification, adjust it to your expertise, and remember to pay attention to market needs.

For those who have already received certification, it’s time to show your skills and expertise. One of the best ways is to join a consulting firm like Skha that provides comprehensive business management consulting services.

With Skha, you can work with experienced and professional talent, supported by a supportive and constructive work environment. Skha is committed to continuing to invest in innovative and dedicated talent.

That way, their careers can develop along with Skha’s development as a management consulting firm. Make the most of your existing management consultant certification with career opportunities from Skha. For more information, please visit the Skha Career page!

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