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Hard Skills Needed in the World of Work as a Management Consultant

Various soft and hard skills are needed in the world of work in any field, including management consultants. Hard skills (technical skills) and soft skills (non-technical skills) are equally important in any career path. In job vacancies, companies usually include these two skills in their requirements.

The previous article discussed the soft skills that need to be honed and possessed for those interested in becoming a management consultant on this occasion. In that case, we will discuss the complex skills required. Check out the full explanation below!

Difference Between Hard Skill and Soft Skill

To understand the difference between the two, you’d have to understand each definition first. Hard skills are specific and measurable technical skills needed in work according to their profession. To master technical skills, one can learn them through formal education, training, or workshops.

Examples of technical skills (hard skills):

  • Foreign Language Skills
  • Content Writing
  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing

Meanwhile, soft skills are understood as interpersonal skills that include social, emotional, and communication intelligence. These are more general skills, so they are categorized as non-technical skills.

Examples of soft skills:

  • Critical, analytical, and creative thinking
  • Leadership skills
  • Time management
  • Communication skills
  • Public speaking, etc

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Hard skills and soft skills complement each other. For an analogy, hard skills are vehicles that you use to achieve specific goals, while soft skills are clothes that equip you to become a better person.

So, what hard skills does a person need to have a career in the management consultant field? 

Hard Skills Needed as a Management Consultant

People who work as management consultants need to have several technical skills to support their work and produce optimal performance. The technical skills include the following.

1. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Skills

First, the hard skills needed in the world of work, especially in management consultants, namely operating Microsoft Office programs. That includes Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

In carrying out his daily tasks, a management consultant will deal with various documents, such as reports, plans, and so on, in a structured and systematic way. Excel helps work related to data processing be easier.

While PowerPoint is a vital combat tool when presenting data, research results, and suggestions to clients. Namely in the form of planning strategies or solutions needed by the client.

2. Analytical Ability

The various data that have been collected constitute a collection of information. From the data collected and analyzed, you can draw a conclusion or information that is important to determine the right solution for clients, to solve their problems.

To deliver the correct solutions, you must do your research thoroughly and comprehensively. That is why a management consultant must have quantitative and qualitative analytical skills.

In this case, the ability to operate excel and statistical skills are also needed to increase the accuracy of your research.

3. Data Visualization Skills

Data visualization skill is needed as a management consultant to communicate data more efficiently. Good data visualization skills will make it easier for your colleagues and clients to understand the data-driven solutions offered by the consultant.

4. Vast Knowledge of Various Industries

Business knowledge is needed in the next world of work as a management consultant. It’s necessary when working for clients from many different industries.

Besides, you have to understand at least the basic of how business works to solve your client’s problems. Learn vital strategic factors and major industry case studies covered by the management consulting firm of your dreams.

5. Foreign Language Ability

Foreign language skills are critical to starting a management consultant career because you will meet many clients from companies with different business scales.

Top-notch business management consulting companies certainly have international clients. Having good foreign language skills will undoubtedly facilitate communication and minimize misunderstandings.

At least you can speak English because this is the most basic foreign language to support your career. It would be even better to master other foreign languages such as Mandarin, Japanese, and others.

Competition in the world of work requires you to have qualifications that match each company’s needs so that you can provide the best performance while working. The hard skills needed in the world of work above are essential for you to hone and master if you want to prosper in your career as a management consultant.

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Hard and soft skills can continue to hone even though you have entered the world of work. A good work environment will support your development in the process of becoming better person from time to time.

During 21 years of work, Skha has proven the importance of creating a healthy work environment by continuously developing her team’s hard and soft skills. Learn about various career opportunities with us through the careers page.

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