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4 Benefits of Working in a Management Consulting Company for Fresh Graduates

Have you decided to work as a management consultant after graduation? If so, it is the right decision. Consulting companies are one of the best places for any fresh graduate to start their career path.

Management consulting companies offer work experience that you cannot find in other industries. One is the opportunity to work with various top-level companies from different sectors. 

Benefits of Working in A Management Consulting Company

Although the world of management consultation may sound a little daunting to new graduates, this is an opportunity for you to take many lessons from various industries simultaneously. Working as a management consultant is one opportunity you must strive for.

The following advantages will answer why a management consulting firm is the right choice to build your career.

1. As a Learning Tool and Enriching Experience

Becoming a management consultant means opening up opportunities to meet many people, whether colleagues from the company or clients from different companies. It will broaden your horizons in developing yourself.

Each client you work with also has different problems, which means you will continue to learn to devise solutions for each situation. In addition, the presence of seniors in consulting companies who also provide mentoring will undoubtedly improve your skills.

It would help if you were focused, diligent, and result oriented to be able to perform in carrying out your responsibilities.

2. Expanding Connections and Relationships

One of your responsibilities when working for a management consulting firm is to build relationships with clients from different fields of industry. This opportunity is priceless because your network of connections and relationships will expand.

These relationships often become opportunities for you to have a career in various industries in the future. In addition, consulting management companies have alum stand-outs which will undoubtedly increase your network of relationships.

Including your work experience in a consulting company and describing your achievements while handling various projects will be of unique value to the recruitment team when you apply for jobs in different industries later.

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3. As a Stepping Stone or Career Path

Along with the global development of industry and economy and the number of foreign companies investing in Indonesia, the role of management consultants is undoubtedly very much needed.

Every business needs to manage its company professionally, and this is where the skills of a management consultant are required.

You can start from the associate level to have a professional career in the management consulting. From there, you’ll be leveling up to senior associate, consultant, leader, Senior Leader, executive leader, to partner. 

In addition, a career in a consulting firm can also be a good stepping stone. You will be used to being a result-driven person with good communication, disciplined time management skills, and honed analytical skills, a set of valuable soft skills for any other 

4. Competitive Income

Competitive income is undoubtedly one of the considerations in cultivating a field of work. A competitive salary motivates work, and management consulting companies provide quite attractive income above the average of other industries.

It is also in line with the responsibilities that you carry while working. Most companies would provide facilities to support your performance, such as insurance and overtime pay. Your income increases as your level increases.

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With 21 years of experience in business management consulting, Skha has a wealth of experience with clients across industries. During that time, we have scored many stand-out employees.

Skha believes excellent companies are supported by adaptive, innovative, and critical individuals. We continuously strive to create a healthy work environment. Learn about various career opportunities with us through the careers page.

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